Visual Identity

Time, Motion and Communication :: 2014

This was a short exercise in which we were each assigned a word and were challenged to create a 'visual identity' for that word (5-10 seconds). My word was 'alone'.


I began by listing thoughts and curating images of several ways in which one could interpret the word alone – with its varying contexts (cultural and historical aspects) as well as positive and negative associations. 

I thought conveying all the aspects of the word in one short video might dilute the identity, so I picked one. I chose to explore the idea that 'alone is something that another might make you feel or that you only become aware of through the gaze of another'. In my quick research into the topic I found that eating alone is an area in which products have been created to combat this 'problem' or negate it. I also came across the world's first (and only?) restaurant for one person. This was an interesting thought exploration into social norms and behavior. 

Sticking to the project brief however, I found a restaurant scene from the movie "The Lonely Guy". I created a short piece inspired by that scene. The result is something lighthearted to visually convey one interpretation of a word with many meanings and interpretations. Food for thought is the visual difference between lonely and alone.