Forget Me Knot

Low-fidelity App Feature
Graduate Prototyping :: CMU 2013


The project challenge was to think of ways to improve an everyday task and prototype a solution or feature of an app. The task I chose was reminding myself of what I need to take with me on any given day. Since I'm out of the house all day, it is essential that I don't forget things I need. Forget Me Knot was designed considering my return to student life and noticing that my schedule is less regular than what it used to be. There are several one-off meetings, or events, and different days requiring different things. In addition to things like keys, random reminders to bring things usually come in the form of email or texts. I wanted to find a way to integrate this.

Improvement to the current user journey
Even if you have apps reminding you to take things with you, they are disconnected/not well synced, and they require you to manually make the connections, often taking you out of the flow of doing something. 

Wireframe sketching for drag and drop / tooltip feature

The app feeds your item list through a variety of inputs like email or text messages and uses the least number of steps possible:

  • highlight text snippet and choose to open the app
  • Forget Me Knot app opens with text as a drag-and-drop item
  • drag-and-drop the item to specific date
  • confirm that item will be added to the alarm reminder for that date
  • tap done to return to email app (you can get right back to reading your emails)

Below are some examples tested with classmates.

Other features

Demo animation of feature